DJ MINDSOLVENT PLAYLIST:    aesthetic perfection-dark half    SITD-Purgatorium    Seabound-nothing but love    hocico-in the name of violence    frozen plasma-age after age    aesthetische-korrupticide    fgfc820-crush    assemblage 23-the noise inside my head    covenant-thy kingdom come    vnv nation-primary    combichrist-cant control    chainreactor-no regrets    the cure-a hundred years    siouxsie and the banshees-peek-a boo    bauhaus-kick in the eye    cut copy-lights and music    churches- gun


aesthetic perfection-dark half


Seabound-nothing but love

hocico-in the name of violence

frozen plasma-age after age



assemblage 23-the noise inside my head

covenant-thy kingdom come

vnv nation-primary

combichrist-cant control

chainreactor-no regrets

the cure-a hundred years

siouxsie and the banshees-peek-a boo

bauhaus-kick in the eye

cut copy-lights and music

churches- gun

DJ Mindsolvent - Main Floor Saturdays

DJ MindSolvent started his dj career in the mid to late 90's spinning gigs and guest spots at clubs like Pipeline & Aldos. A couple of demo tapes widely circulated in the tristate area led to his big break with a dual residency at New York City's legendary Bank nightclub, a mecca for gothic industrial music in the 90's. His DJ sets with his then partner, DJ Cyn, in the industrial/electro room at the Bank were considered to be groundbreaking as many new bands and styles of EBM were introduced there which paved the way for their popularity with dance floors in every alternative dance club in New York/New Jersey. As the Bank closed its doors in late 1999, a new chapter was opened for DJ MindSolvent at New Jersey's famous QXT's nightclub. His diversity is reflected in the clubs atmosphere of cutting edge electronic/industrial/alternative playlists. For the past seven years his residency at QXT's has played host to a wide variety of bands including Accessory, Grendel, SITD, Aslan Faction, Noisex, Cruxshadows, and many others.


As a long-time veteran of the Alternative music DJ circuit, DJ Victrola’s knowledge and expertise is testament to his longevity. After a lengthy residency at another NJ nightclub institution, he now graces the Crypt with his musical stylings.


started 12 years ago by hitting the ground running and he hasn't stopped since. Thrown into the DJ booth of one of the biggest Clubs in New Jersey with virtually no experience and just a professional appreciation for music his first night out, he has hardly slowed down. He is currently juggling 3 residencies all over NJ and destroying every guest spot he can get his hands on. Crowds know him for his eclectic style and electric dance floor bombs. So don't be surprised if you find yourself grooving.


DJ Dysfunction

started off back in 1996 as a radio DJ at Montclair State University. He had the pleasure of bringing goth/industrial music to the local airwaves with his weekly program, "The Continuum." Not long after, in the summer of 1998, he and co-host, DJ Helix, began DJing a weekly goth/industrial night in QXT's lower level. As his time at QXT's went on, he eventually found himself in the role of promoter, helping to organize, book, and promote various events. Meanwhile, Dysfunction could be found guest DJing at other events, such as Batcave, Evilution, and Zenwarp. After a brief hiatus from working at QXT's, DJ Dysfunction has returned to the DJ roster and promotional staff. Dysfunction can now be found every week downstairs in Area 51, spinning a variety of electronic music, and every 1st Saturday of the month on the main floor with DJ Victrola and DJ Luna for QXT's "No Cover Nights." 


has been a DJ for the past 13 years in the northeast Goth, Industrial, Darkwave,and 80s scene and has held over 7 different residencies along with over 35 various guest spots at different club locations and events. DJ TM5 spins downstairs in The Crypt the first 2 or 3 Saturdays a month and also upstairs for part of the SO-80s Night which is held on the last Friday of each month. He is also QXTs resident "VJ" (video projectionist) on the main floor. The first 2 or 3 Saturdays a month he shows (per night), 2 "cult classic" movies on the large video screen over the dance floor. The last 2 Saturdays, of the month he does "live" video projection mixing on the video screen. Video mixing all kinds of movie and video clips to the beat of the music using a unique setup of over 50 DVDs and 30 VHS tapes with 3 VCR's and 2 DVD players, 4 monitors and a digital video mixer.For the last Friday of the month, in addition to spinning 80s music at 10pm - 11pm and 1:30am - 2am upstairs for our "SO-80s Night" he also shows all kinds of 80s music videos and also various movie clips on the large video screen.

DJ Wintermute

began his career in the late 90s at various NYC clubs, such as the Limelight, Flamingo East, Seho, the Rubber Monkey Fetish parties and the Pyramid. He became well known for seamlessly mixing in and out of the various sub genres of Industrial, from classic Industrial to Dark Elektro, EBM, and Rhythmic Noise. He became know as a DJ that would always surprise, whether it was constantly striving to break new artists, or defying expectation with the format of his sets; if you were expecting a Dark Elektro set, he would play a scorching set of old school EBM. The early 2000s saw him playing live keys for the New Jersey Elektro Industrial outfit, Life Cried, and starting to explore various guest spots in New Jersey at QXT’s, Düvel in Clifton, Conduit in Trenton and various parties in Philly, to name a few. He found a unique home at QXT’s with a crowd that became one of the most hardcore and forward- thinking Industrial crowds on the East Coast. Through DJing and his increased interest in Rhythmic Noise and Power Noise, he started his solo project, Cenotype. He played his first of many Cenotype shows at QXTs in 2002. QXTs has remained home base for Cenotype ever since! DJ Wintermute became a weekly resident of the legendary Blasphemy Saturday party at QXT’s in 2002 and was involved with countless amazing QXT’s events and shows and also helped to promote for both Friday and Saturday nights until 2008, when he took a brief break from DJing. DJ Wintermute has found a renewed love for slamming down the hardest Industrial at QXT’s once again. He will be happily rejoining the QXT’s staff as a Friday night Resident DJ in Area 51!


DJ Mykill Plague

has been part of the QXT's family since he was 18.He dj’d on and off for a number of years and also did various guest spots in Philly, New York and all over NJ. He got his start doing the lighting for all the bands QXT's had to offer. He jumped at any opportunity he was given to spin. He has dj’d the main floor a couple of times but mostly spends his time in the room he loves AREA 51 (or also known as THE CELL back in the day) after having a night in a different spot he headlined the night INSURGENCE and got noticed once again by the club & he joined forces once again to become a resident DJ at the club he loves.

DJ Damian Plague

got his start at QXT's back in the late 1990s as both DJ and promoter.  After several years, and booking such legendary acts as Switchblade Symphony and Christian Death, Damian took a hiatus from the NY/NJ area to explore the scene in Germany, and then in Florida.  He found some success with band Das Ich, touring with them as a member, while still DJing various venues in Europe in the U.S.  Recently, Damian decided it was time to return to his roots, and he’s back at his home at QXT’s in NJ, booking events, promoting, and spinning on the SO80s nights, and appearing regularly as a guest DJ for other events. 


DJ Ash

started DJ’ing in 1994. In over 20 years he has held residencies at several iconic events, most notably “The Realm” at The Bank, “Re:mission” at The Pyramid club, and “BYTE” at The Delancey.  DJ Ash currently DJ’s Depeche Mode Fanclub of New York events, and is proud to be a part of QXT Fridays- catch him every second and last Friday of the month (for the highly popular “So 80’s” night) at QXT’s.


DJ Blindvision

has been DJing live events in New Jersey since age 16. A veteran of the garage rock era and longtime patron of the Newark club scene, he’s handled everything from reviving dead dance floors to appeasing choosy and intoxicated clubgoers. Yet unlike other DJs, Gonzalez faces a unique challenge—he’s blind.

Yet despite his challenge he has held dj residencies at Hellz Kitchen in Newark & Destino/Vida Bar in Elizabeth.


DJ Ruin

has been a patron of QXTs for 15 years.  His long-time love of the goth/alternative scene propelled his DJing career in 2010 at Hell's Kitchen Lounge, where he has been a resident DJ for Brick City Burlesque at Hell's Kitchen Lounge, as well as DJing for their special events.  

DJ Ruin is honored to join the QXTs family, gracing the Crypt with his musical talents every third Friday of the month at Hacked! A 90s Party.  He will be spinning a variety of New Wave, Post-Punk, Goth, and Darkwave.

DJ Aengel

spins a mix of goth, industrial, and EBM. DJ Aengel has been spinning at various clubs in the New York area since 2000, blending the dark melodies of Goth with riveting Industrial to create a unique dark dance atmosphere.In addition he is a regular guest of Abstraction!, Chamber, Club Anubis, Dead Heaven, & Wasted and has been guest dj to such prestigious events as Absolution, Albion, Bloody Mondays, BYTE, Cybertron, Diabolik, Hidden Sanctuary, Long Black Veil, Paradise Lost, Red Party, Sundown & Underworld.



Science teacher by day, dark DJ by night, Helix first started spinning dark tunes at QXT’s with DJ Dysfunction back in 1998.  After hearing Sisters of Mercy for the first time in college back in 1993, Helix was hooked on the Goth scene.  With the help and influence ofMick Hale from Croc Shop, Helix discovered a new world in Goth and EBM.  Fast-forward 20+ years, he still stays true to his past and keeps up with all the new Goth and EBM releases. 


started on a bar napkin in 2001, Jack.pot was born.... originally known as DJ Xfixi8 and rooted in Industrial/EBM/ Electro, Xfixi8 started playing local underground clubs and attracting counter culture patrons. As time went on the desire to evolve and mix different genres grew, Jack.pot appeared and started adding techno and house to her catalog.

Dj Celestial Fire

discovered Qxt's in 2005 and has been a loyal regular ever since. In 2010 he picked up his headphones and started working towards his dream of filling the dance floor with his sounds. Beginning mostly in trance, his versatility branches out to other genres of electronica including techno, electro, minimal, progressive and most recently future synthpop. His goal is to reach a fusion of genres which creates a unique blend of sound woven together to create a harmony of melody, vocals and deep basslines for all to enjoy.